Friday February 2


FBI Infirmary

Nikki felt like she was swimming up from the bottom of the ocean, trying to break the surface and find air. She heard something beeping and then she saw the light from far away and it started to come closer to her. The beeping sounds became louder and she could now smell and it wasn’t the stench of the torture chamber, it smelled like disinfectant. Slowly she opened her eyes and everything was blurry. She blinked repeatedly and she saw the outline of a man in front of her. She reached out her hand and said,

“Simon, is that you?” She heard a faint sigh and then a large hand took hers and she heard the familiar voice come out as a low rumble,

“It’s Rob Nikki, how are you feeling?” Nikki continued blinking until Rob’s familiar features began to clear. Rob looked horrible. His clothes were wrinkled and Nikki would bet that he didn’t sleep the entire time she was gone.

“Rob, how long have I been here, how did I get here?” Nikki asked in a scratchy voice. Rob held the straw to Nikki’s lips so she could drink some water and when she had her fill he said,

“It’s Friday Nikki, you were abducted sometime on Sunday. The agent watching your house was found dead in his car, he was injected with something.” Rob looked at Nikki, trying to figure out how to explain when he continued,

“I was desperate to find you and didn’t know what to do so I reached out to Simon.” He continued to look at Nikki, letting her take it all in when she asked,

“How exactly did you reach out to him?”

Rob told Nikki about holding the note up to the camera and finding the phone in her room and while it was surprising, she figured Simon left the phone in case he needed to get in touch with her. She was also considering hiring a cleaning company since there was a phone plugged in behind her bed that she didn’t even know was there. What did that say about her house cleaning skills?

Rob went on to explain that once Simon had Nikki back, he had contacted Rob who met him and took Nikki back to the infirmary at Quantico. It turns out Nikki was still in northern Virginia the whole time and hadn’t gone that far from her home.

“You saw him, Simon?” Nikki asked with an incredulous tone. Rob smiled down at her and said,

“If you could call it that, I saw the outline of him is about it. I was worried about getting you taken care of and I know he wouldn’t let me see enough to identify him anyway. He did tell me to keep the cell phone which was unexpected.”

Nikki was just taking it all in and she pulled her left hand out from under the covers because it was itching and she saw the bandages on her hand. She looked up at Rob who gritted his teeth and then explained to Nikki that the stalker had cut off her pinkie finger and mailed it to him.

Nikki leaned back onto her pillows and with closed eyes she mumbled right before she fell asleep again,


“I told him Karma was a bitch.” …

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