Monday February 5

7:45 am

Nikki’s Townhouse

Nikki woke with a smile playing on her lips. Everything was different now. She had looked into the eyes of pure evil and had known she was going to die. She had come to terms with it. At the time she had just wanted the pain to end, the physical pain, the emotional pain she was still carrying around with her, the loneliness. She had hoped Simon would find her and she was ready to give up and let the darkness claim her when he finally did show up. This man had risked everything for her. When she asked Simon last night how he had tracked her, he didn’t want to tell her. Finally, he looked down at the butterfly pendant she hadn’t taken off since he gave it to her and picked it up and kissed it gently. Then he looked up into her eyes and gave her a wicked little wink. She just smiled, he had put a tracker in her necklace. Of course he did. He finally explained that when Nikki was first taken, the signal from the necklace was strong and he had a good signal and the general location she was being held at. About a day later, he lost the signal completely. It wasn’t until he was right around the building she was being held in that he got a weak signal. It turns out, snatch had taken the pendant and put it in a box with the rest of his trophies from his previous kills and the metal box was blocking the signal.

Nikki had woken up in the hospital and the pendant was around her neck again and she didn’t think about it until he had explained what happened. When Simon had found Nikki, he put the pendant back around her neck before he called Rob to pick her up. Nikki rubbed the pendant between her fingers and smiled at the thought that the little necklace had saved her life.

Simon had left late last night to continue his search for Philip Bernard. He had received another email from him and they were sure he had killed again. Nikki had sent the coordinates to the local FBI office to search for the body. Simon said he had a plan and asked Nikki to trust him. She had opened her house and her heart to him, what choice did she have but to trust him. Nikki prepared herself to return to work. A little bruising, some cuts, and a missing digit weren’t going to keep her from doing what she does best, catching killers and now that PS was living the short time he has left on earth in immense pain. She was ready to focus her attention on Philip Bernard. Well, most of her attention, some will always belong to Simon.

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