Saturday February 10

11:55 am

FBI Headquarters

Nikki was on a secure video link with Rob McShay who was in the Savannah field office. They were reviewing the evidence found in the motorhome and it was substantial. Earlier in the day, they had found the body of the latest Philip Bernard claimed killing and matched blood and fiber from the victim to the suspect they have in custody as well as in the motorhome. Also found was a GoPro camera with footage of the suspect killing the victim with a chainsaw. They confirmed the body in the motorhome belonged to be the panty snatcher from prints and DNA at the location Nikki was held. They found a middle finger that they matched back to Simon’s Bravo victim, Gordon Peterson. They found prints and DNA from Simon’s Charlie victim, Jonathan Bishop. Lastly, the plate on the motorhome belonged to Simon’s India victim, Chester Lewis. By all accounts, they had the serial killer known as Simon in custody and have also closed the Panty Snatcher case. There was some speculation that Simon actually is Philip Bernard. Some say he started using his Bernard identity to increase viewership. The higher ups were ready to put a bow on this and get out in front of some positive media if Rob and Nikki were ready to sign off on this being Simon in custody. Rob looked at Nikki as he pulled a photo of Philip Bernard onto the screen so they were both looking at it,

“Agent Sebastian, all evidence we have ties the man we have in custody to the Simon killings. Is there any reason for you to think otherwise?”

“No sir, you?”

The corner of Rob’s mouth quirked up slightly and he gave a small wink.

“Well done agent Sebastian, we closed two substantial cases today. You are officially on vacation.” The link was cut and Nikki leaned back in her seat with a smile creeping up on her lips.

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