Sunday February 4

8:55 pm

Nikki’s Townhouse

Nikki was sitting in her favorite spot on the couch, happy to be back in her house again. The doctors wanted her to stay in the hospital another day or two but she wasn’t having any of it and checked herself out and Rob had driven her home several hours ago. Nikki was sitting there thinking about Simon. He had come to save her but she only vaguely remembered him coming to her rescue. She didn’t remember actually seeing him and it had been several days since they had spoken through email and she missed him. She wanted to thank him for coming to save her. She was looking at the camera in her living room and absentmindedly scratching at the bandage on her left hand when Simon’s email notification sounded. Nikki’s heartbeat picked up exponentially and she eagerly grabbed her phone and opened Simon’s email:

“May I come in?”

Nikki’s heart now threatened to leap out of her chest and answer the door itself. She took several breaths and typed, with her right hand, “Yes”.

Nikki heard the door open and close and the lock slide back in place. While she should be terrified that a brutal murderer can access her house like it was his own, she had other thoughts swarming through her mind right at that moment. A couple of seconds later she saw Simon walk around the corner from her kitchen. Nikki slowly stood on shaking legs and released the breath she didn’t even realize she was holding. Simon walked slowly toward her, his piercing eyes never once leaving hers. He stopped right in front of Nikki and continued to stare into her eyes. She didn’t realize that she had put her right hand on Simon’s chest as she looked up into his eyes, “Simon, you came for me”. Slowly, Simon lowered his head toward Nikki. He reached a hand up and slid a lock of hair back behind Nikki’s ear and gently cupping his hand around, he pulled her close until their lips met. The kiss was gentle because Nikki looked like she just got out of a bar fight, but the intensity was unmistakable. Nikki’s entire body felt like electricity was flowing through her. Too soon, the kiss ended and Simon pulled back and looked into her eyes again.

“I’m sorry it took me so long Butterfly. I would have been there sooner but I was halfway across the country when I got McShay’s note. I am so sorry he hurt you” he said as he gently lifted her left hand to his lips and placed a kiss on top of the bandage. Nikki wrapped her arms around Simon’s waist and he pulled her into him so her head was resting on his chest, drinking in his scent like it was the first water she found after crossing a desert. They stayed like that for several moments, Nikki wasn’t sure. All she knew was for the first time since she was a small child she felt totally safe, like she was in the one and only place meant for her. She looked up into Simon’s eyes and reached her hand up and pulled him down into another heated kiss. Nikki felt strong arms reach down and lift her up and soon she was being carried up the stairs to her bedroom.

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