Thursday February 8

6:35 pm

It still amazes me the proliferation of social media outlets there are, there seems to always be something new. Twitter, can you imagine if I let the rage tweet…. Scary. There’s Snapchat, as you know I am a bit of a photographer so I do have some interest but I have to say that I think I can do better and create Snatchchat. They might have to create a new content warning because when we left snatch at the spa, his fire ant bites had scabbed up nicely so he moved on to duct tape exfoliation. I am sure his skin would have been baby soft had it ever had a chance to grow back… The rage thought back to seeing the disfigurement this thing had caused his friend and in his grief made a terrible mistake and thought the hydrochloric acid was the Visine. Snatch had some dry eye from having them glued open. Unfortunately, he no longer sees the error in his ways.

Our time with snatch is nearing an end as he has a higher purpose to fulfil, and I wanted to indulge the rage just a little longer. Stop it with the “you’re spoiling him”, he does a lot of the heavy lifting so it is a compromise. We are “Cohesive”. Anyway…he loves Pandora and checking out new music, but he’s still faithful to Britney when it comes time to work. He found an oldie station and came across a song that goes “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I hammer in the evening, and so on and repeat.” It had a catchy beat and I can remember it playing in the garage when dad was out working on the lawn mower, cussing at the lawnmower more likely, so I let him rock. It took some talking to get him to put down the 5 lb. maul and in the end, I got him to take the finishing hammer and play his tune…in the morning, in the evening, all day long, as the song goes. Snatchchat, I know the families of the victims may consider subscribing to that station. Social media, something more to consider.

Tonight’s op is the reason I spoil the rage, we have some work to do. This is the mother of night ops.

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