Thursday May 17

FBI Headquarters

2:20 pm

Nikki had received an email from Simon the night before with the name, Hassan Nazari. She and Rob had used every database and connection they both had to try and find out more about Nazari and were coming up with very little intel. What they were able to substantiate was that Nazari was very highly educated. He received an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Oxford and a PHD in Molecular Biology from Harvard. What little intel they were able to gain from Iraq confirmed that he was in country during the time Scarpetti was running his special ops team. His parents were killed when he was attending Harvard and he fell off the radar after that. About 6 months after his parents died, there were reports of a small village outside the town his family lived in that all of the residents fell ill and died. There were rumors of a chemical attack but nothing was proven. It was suspected that the men responsible for Nazari’s family’s death lived in that village. Rob and Nikki felt like this was their bioterrorist, now they just needed to figure out how to find him and shut him down.

The last known photo of Nazari was from 4 years ago and he had a full beard. He could have easily changed his appearance since then. There was no record of him entering the country after he returned home from graduating Harvard. They both knew he was traveling under an assumed identity so they were basically looking for a needle in a stack of needles. As of a hour ago, they finally had surveillance set up at each access point to Chicago’s water system that were outlined in the data retrieved from Scarpetti Jr’s computer. Now, they were waiting, no, hoping for something to help them move forward.

Porn Star Dancing started playing and Nikki snatched up her phone and opened the email before Rob figured out what song was playing and she read,

“Dear Butterfly,

I miss you and hope you are feeling better. I’m sorry it has taken so long to obtain any information from Scarpetti, he didn’t react to the usual provocations. He was fully ready for his illegitimate daughter to bear the brunt of his sins for him. Leverage doesn’t work so well with sociopaths. What did work, and thank you for that, your love of botany has proven useful yet again, was the very small dose of cicutoxin I gave him. When his organs slowly stopped working and he began violently throwing up, experiencing extreme stomach cramps and trouble breathing, he finally relented and he is willing to help us set up a meeting with Nazari.  

I set the meeting for tonight at 9pm at the enclosed location. Dante and I are meeting Dead and Lee at the site to prep. Wish us luck!

Stay safe, I love you.


Nikki felt that weight settle in her stomach, the one she felt every time she knew Simon and Dante were going to be in danger. She looked over at Rob who was texting madly and then he stood up, nodded at Nikki and walked out of the conference room. Nikki just shook it off and went back to digging up anything she could find on Nazari.

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