Tuesday February 6

2:55 pm

I don’t know why we didn’t think about this sooner. The simplicity, the low cost, the devastating amount of pain it can cause. I bought the rage a vise. First thing he did was put snatch’s penis in that sucker and squeezed it like a tube of toothpaste. The head popped right off, very cool. Snatch wasn’t a fan but hey, no one cares. It’s not like he is going to need it anyway, we fed his balls to a stray dog. I hope that’s alright Kevin, the little guy was starving and after losing Skidmark, the rage has even more of a soft spot for dogs. We bought him a cheeseburger to wash the nasty taste out of his mouth. He looked happy.

Q&A: I am going to have to expand on a prior answer. When I told you earlier that I learned how to kill in the service of the country, I got a lot of feedback from some members of the military and some were offended that I might be giving their service a bad name. First, for all of the men and women who bravely serve our country, Thank You! Now, there are a lot of parts of the government, several with short lettered acronyms, some which are even darker than that. Let’s just say I have a natural affinity for and ability to solve problems. All kinds of problems. A certain part of the government was all too happy to expand my knowledge and abilities and we solved many problems together. Eventually, as I am sure always happens when someone ultimately has that kind of power, they started defining the problems that needed solving a little more loosely is a way to put it. I came to realize that the reasons I got into that work was to serve my country and I found out I was serving some individuals instead. Fate or Karma or mere coincidence interceded and a series of events occurred that allowed me to retire from my service.

Which brings me back to our mission at hand. This is why I spend the time and effort I do to make sure we are pulling out the weeds and not the grass shall we say. I don’t feel pity or remorse, I was trained to solve problems. Pity and remorse were never factors in the equation. Ultimately it leads right back to the rules. Do you really want to bring any of this to your doorstep? You know someone did, someone always does. Let’s meet Oscar.

Oscar’s chosen method of suicide is challenging Simon to a duel. I figured it would happen eventually that someone would read what I was doing and think they can do the same or better. It’s part of evolution, survival of the fittest, or in our case, the most ruthless. I hope you enjoy hanging with the rage, he likes to party!

Lima was Richard Whitmore. I told you he was a Dick…. I couldn’t resist

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