Tuesday May 15

FBI Headquarters

11:50 am

“Could you repeat that” Rob sputtered, unable to comprehend what Nikki had just told him. Nikki brought up a file from Jr’s computer labelled “Phoenix”. Within the file were detailed plans of the city’s water system access points. There were also documents identifying a biological agent that the military had seized several years ago from a raid on a secret bunker of one of the tribal leaders in Iraq. When the military tested the chemicals, they realized the potential dangers of the chemicals and decided to destroy all samples of the agent. Obviously, they didn’t quite destroy them all. Nikki had continued her search and found out the squad leader that lead the raid on the bunker was none other than Giovani Scarpetti.  

Rob was shaking his head, taking it all in. He looked up at Nikki, “What could he possibly want with a bioweapon?” Nikki clicked several times and 3 different news feeds populated the screens in the conference room, all of them showing articles speculating whether Senator Scarpetti would be seeking nomination for president from his political party. She opened a couple of stories and read from the highlighted sections where they were talking about Scarpetti’s tough stance on terrorism and his push to bring our soldiers home from all foreign engagements and focus on making our country strong again. His platform is popular with the voting public, who wouldn’t want our soldiers home and out of harm’s way, but it also goes against his own party’s foreign policy goals.

“He’s going to stage a terrorist attack in Chicago to get his party’s nomination” Nikki said, not realizing she was speaking out loud. Rob turned and looked at her for a couple of seconds and when she realized he was looking at her she continued, “It makes sense. Create a terrorist attack and then the Senator can get out in front of it and say he has been warning the country all along that we should be focusing our attention, and resources, on our own domestic security instead of getting involved with everyone else around the globe.” She clicked several more times and brought up a company charter. “This is a shell company that Scarpetti created over 10 years ago. I was able to track several large deposits over the same time frame. All occurred within days of known data breaches in the financial industry. He has been building his coffers up for this run at the presidency all along. Can you imagine what he could do it he actually got elected?” Real concern showing on her face and in the tremor in her voice. Rob was silent for several moments as he continued to process all that Nikki had just said. Finally, he ran his hands over his head and down his face, blew out a long breath and looked up at Nikki,

“I already briefed the SAC in Chicago about Scarpetti’s son and the 4 officers killed in the explosion. They have created a cover story that the 5 of them were killed in a head on collision with a tractor trailer outside of Chicago. We need to find out where the chemical weapon is and who else is involved in this plot. We don’t have much time as the world will expect to see Scarpetti after losing his son. Ironically, his office has been telling reporters that he is overseas doing a trade mission so we have a day, maybe 2. Brief Simon and tell him we don’t have much time.” He held Nikki’s gaze for a few seconds, both knowing exactly what that means. Nikki nodded once and opened an email to Simon.

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