Friday January 11, 2019

11:15 am

I met Chester today. As usual, I wasn’t looking but they just can’t take no for an answer and come looking for me anyway. Before we get into that though, I owe you a Q&A. Here is one that is thought provoking, “What do you fear the most?” I will tell you that I’ve had everything and I’ve lost everything. I think that if people are really true to themselves, their biggest fear would be losing all that they have. Power, status, wealth, love, possessions. I have had it all and I have lost it all and it didn’t really matter in the end. The only thing that really scares me is that the Rage will get out one day and he won’t come back. Thankfully, I have some people in my life now that seem willing to make sure that doesn’t happen, but with all of these volunteers pushing the envelope, who knows. I can tell you that you don’t want to be anywhere near if that ever happens. Just ask Chester…

D and I were on our way to the farm with very precious cargo in the car with us. We were at a red stop light and as I was skipping through my songs on Pandora, D tells me to nonchalantly check out the car in front of us. Thankfully, we were in the new chase car and I had just finished installing the surveillance gear last week so I flipped the switch and glanced up at the car. The car was a small 4 door sedan and there was a driver and a single front seat passenger. The driver looked to be in his mid to late 40’s, balding, and about 30 pounds overweight. The passenger was a young girl, maybe 12 or 13. Chester had his hand resting on the back of the passenger seat and he kept running his finger up the side of the girl’s face and she would shrink away from his touch as far as she could to the passenger door. Just as the light turned green, Chester grabbed her by the hair, pulled her toward him and smacked her in the face. I started to grab the door handle, the Rage wanting to go make an introduction, when Chester finally realized that the light had changed and went peeling away.

Normally, we would have followed to see all that we could see, but Chester would have to wait for another day. It was time to get my family home. D and I had installed a few more goodies out at the farm in response to the attack. You would probably have a better chance making it inside the Oval office than you would  making an unannounced visit to the farm, but try if you must, we like the practice. It’s amazing the advancements they have made with laser and ultrasound technologies. I can now slice, dice, and scramble a human being with the touch of a button. Heck, we might just use Chester to test the new equipment. Ragesearch continues with that poster child for abortion. “Parents, don’t let this happen to you.” Stay tuned.

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