Monday January 14, 2019

10:15 am

The Farm

It had been a long night and Dante and Simon were taking a break in the Ops center when Simon’s phone rang. Nikki and Eva were in there with them so he answered the phone on speaker and let Rob know that they were all there. Rob explained to them about meeting with the Director of the FBI and showing him the material on the laptop Simon had recovered from Benjamin. The Director met directly with the President and it was quickly determined that Simon’s old outfit, and everyone and everything associated with it, was a huge liability so as is the government’s style, they made it all go away. Any reference to any Ops or personnel were completely wiped from every system they had ever touched and the few assets that remained in the group were quickly reassigned to other branches of the government. Simon no longer existed and that was what they had all wanted to hear.

It was also immediately clear to the Director and the President that there was still a need for the services the group had performed. There are people out there that are too well protected to go after through legal channels. The Director tasked Rob’s group with filling the void that was left open and they developed protocols to make sure that no one person would be responsible for delegating the assignments. They had also developed an oversight system to ensure what happened before couldn’t happen again. Rob paused and then asked Simon what he thought about continuing to work with his group. Simon looked at Nikki and Dante and they both nodded at him,

“We will continue to work with you, but Dante and I are contractors, we don’t work for the government. We will help where our unique skills are needed and Nikki is going to remain part time…. Once she heals from her injuries” He finished, pinning Nikki with a hard stare. She rolled her eyes and reluctantly agreed that she might not be in top fighting form just yet, but she was more than capable in supporting the team from the farm.

With relief evident in Rob’s voice, he continued to explain the next task the team would be faced with and it was clear that their unique skills would definitely be needed to accomplish their goal. It’s not every day that you get tasked with eliminating a sitting federal court judge, but that was exactly the mission that the team was given. Rob continued to lay out the mission to the group while Nikki accessed the FBI server where all their files were stored so she could start working on a profile for the target. For years he has been working with one of the largest organized crime families in the capital and he has enough political connections that they need to remove him without raising any suspicion. Once they were done with the briefing, Dante and Simon returned to finish up with Chester. Dante had been working with his new Chinese throwing stars and was becoming quite proficient. Chester didn’t seem to be a fan of his new found skills though.

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