Sunday January 13, 2019

5:00 pm

It turns out that Chester is a molester. Yep, we figured as much and now that I have had a look at his browser history and private stash of porn, that just wasn’t going to continue. D has a special contempt for molesters and it was all I could do to reign the boy in… somewhat. First things first, we need to determine Mrs. Chester’s role in this fucked up situation. Second, we do what we do and lastly, make the world a better place. You know the drill, if you don’t by now, there is a good chance we will see you at the farm….

We made a house call. D is part monkey so I sent him up to the second story to install some fiber optic cameras I just got and the clarity was phenomenal. It’s too bad the only time our footage gets any air time is in Snatchchat videos, but they are just so darn effective in the terror phase. Anyway, it didn’t take long for the curtain to raise on what would be Chester’s encore performance. Shortly after the young lady went to bed, Chester led his wife into her room where he made her sit and watch the entire thing…or as much as we let happen before our intervention. The wife had tears streaming down her face, but she sat compliantly by and let it all happen. I know this is a fucked up situation, but I don’t care, there is no way any decent human being can sit by and let this happen to a child. If you are not willing to put yourself in front of that child and protect them from the world then you have no right to have them in your life. I don’t care if they are your natural child, relative, or in this case, a child that the state has entrusted you with their care.

Before this went on any further, I rang the doorbell, handed  D the taser and moved out of sight of the front door. When the door opened and Chester was standing there in a pair of shorts and a wife beater that was 2 sizes too small, D smiled at him, aimed the taser right at the offending appendage and let it rip. There is just something about that high pitched scream that makes me smile. We quickly went into the house and I found Mrs. Chester and I let her know in no uncertain way that we were displeased with her letting this piece of shit ruin both her and the young girl’s lives. She showed me the bruises and scars from the beatings she took trying to intervene and said she had just about given up and would have killed herself but she couldn’t leave the girl alone with her husband. She was planning to take her and run away but she hadn’t been able to secure enough money to take care of them both, Chester not letting her anywhere near their accounts. Fortunately, Chester had a change of heart about the family finances.

Once we had Chester wrapped up nice and tight in a brand new barb wire snuggy and tucked into the transport, we brought the young girl down and told her that Chester was going to go away….permanently. We asked if she wanted us to take her somewhere else but she said she wanted to stay with Mrs. Chester, that she was really decent to her and that Chester had terrorized both of them. Once Chester had signed over the house, cars, and all of their bank accounts, he really was enthusiastic about doing so, I told Mrs. Chester that an attorney would be contacting her so she could begin proceedings to adopt the girl. Chester apparently skipped town with his mistress, or at least that was the letter that he left for them. Dante pulled the girl aside and said something to her and she pulled him into a big hug and thanked him several times. I told Mrs. Chester that we would check on them from time to time to make sure they were ok. It was now time to show Chester just how much we hate molesters.

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