Sunday January 6, 2019

10:55 am

Undisclosed Healthcare Facility outside Charlottesville

Dante was sitting in the chair holding the baby, Nikki was sitting up in the bed watching the 2 of them when the door opened and Simon walked in, his piercing eyes going straight to Nikki. He approached her bed and handed her a single red rose,

“Hello Butterfly” He said with his deep voice, smiling down at her. Nikki’s eyes got wide and her hand went instinctively to the pendant hanging around her neck. She blinked several times, staring at Simon. As tears began falling, she said,

“Simon..” She held her hand out and Simon took it, a huge smile overtaking his face. She turned and looked over at Dante and the baby, “Dante” she said, holding out her other hand. He rose and came over and sat next to her on the bed.

“I remember… I remember going to the warehouse with Dante and then nothing until I woke up here. What happened?” She asked as Dante handed her the baby.

Simon and Dante filled her in on the blast and “some” of what happened since. They could see signs of the old Nikki returning, she was getting more and more angry as they explained who had set this whole thing in motion and that they had sent men to attack the 2 of them at the farm. Their relief at the return of her memory was short lived when she demanded a laptop and a cell phone.

“Easy Butterfly, we need to get you healthy and besides, we already have a plan. We just wanted to make sure you were alright before we….engage.” Simon said trying to calm her down. 20 minutes later he was barely making a dent when Nikki looked at Simon and said,

“What are we going to name her?” Dropping her eyes down to the little bundle of Rage in her arms. Simon looked at her, glanced over at Dante and said,

“I was thinking we could name her Eva Simone…..Sebastian.” He finished, showing her the smile that led to the little bundle of Rage in the first place. Nikki smiled back at him,

“That’s perfect, my grandmother would be so proud. She would have loved Eva so much.” Smiling down at the baby. She looked back up at Simon and said,

“I don’t remember telling you my grandmother’s name?” Eyebrow raised. Simon just smiled back at her.

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