Tuesday January 8, 2019

1:15 am

Outside undisclosed residence in Northern, Va

“He’s getting ready to leave.” Simon’s voice came over Dante’s com.

Dante readied himself as the rear doors of the limo opened and the 2 bodyguards stepped out and moved toward the front door of the house. Once they were in position, the front door opened and out stepped Benjamin. The three walked quickly toward the limo and when they were halfway there, first one and then the other guard crumpled to the ground, both clutching at the darts in their necks. Benjamin had a moment of indecision, go toward the limo or back toward the house. The driver’s door opened a second later and after 2 steps in that direction, the driver fell to the ground where he stood. As Benjamin turned toward the house, Dante’s dart hit him in the neck and he took one more step and his legs stopped working. Simon came out from behind his perch on the other side of the limo, tranq rifle slung over his shoulder, and they loaded Benjamin in the back of the limo and the other 3 men in the trunk, which took some doing. When they were finished they drove to Benjamin’s house. The information they needed was stored somewhere inside.

Getting into the house was easy, there was a controller on the visor of the limo that opened both the security gate and the garage door. Once they closed the garage, Dante and Simon quickly cleared the inside of the house and found Benjamin’s chef sleeping peacefully in her room. Thanks to a well placed dart, she will stay that way for the duration of their stay. After properly securing the 3 body guards in the garage, they took Benjamin into the house and down into his wine cellar. It was nice of him to have such a soundproof location where they could get to know each other better.

The effect of Dante’s dart began wearing off and Benjamin started moving slightly. Simon had his face covered the entire time they were moving Benjamin, who was fully aware of his surroundings but couldn’t move. When Simon saw that he was regaining some control of his body, he stepped in front of Benjamin and removed the hoodie that was covering his head. Benjamin stared at Simon for a few seconds and then you could see the realization take hold and his eyes grew wide. Simon smiled a malevolent smile at him and said,

“Hi Benjamin, it’s been a while.” Then he leaned forward and punched him in the face and out he went. The 2 men worked with the piano wire Simon had brought in his bag of tricks to fully secure Benjamin and they patiently waited for him to regain consciousness, Simon was busy with his IPOD, no doubt queing up some Breaking Benjamin. Dante was sure he heard the lead in for Evil Angel playing through his headphones. Simon loves that song.

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