Sunday November 19

7:25 pm


I met Delta today. Oh, by the way, someone from PETA wrote a note on my blog pissed off about the dog. I already told you I didn’t hurt the dog, but thanks for reading. They didn’t say one thing about Charlie so I am guessing they are cool with offing him, I think I will make a donation to PETA with some of Charlie’s money. Good thing because as suspected, that pussy Charlie is still walking around, playing Russian Roulette with his family’s lives. No problem, if you want someone killed right, kill em yourself. I had a contingency plan all along and would have already put it in motion had it not been for the fortuitous meeting with Delta. This is exciting, I like having multiple projects going at the same time. I feel like a construction supervisor riding around making sure all of the ongoing projects are meeting deadlines….yeah, that was a cheap attempt at a pun.


So let me introduce you to Delta. This spunk monkey was the first hat trick we have seen. I’m on the highway again in the left lane going a good 8 over the speed limit enjoying some good tunes and the wind in my face, no one behind me. Delta waits until I am about 2 car lengths away and pulls out into the left lane in front of me and then continues going the same speed he was going in the right lane. Had he waited 2 seconds for me to pass him before he pulled into the lane in front of me he might have had a chance at a full and what I am sure would have been a sad and disappointing life judging from his stellar decision making skills. I flew up behind him hitting my brakes to keep from rear ending him as he pulled out right in front of me and then he hits his brakes and flips me off, apparently offended that I was there. To further solidify his reservation in the guest suite, he stays at that speed, keeping distance with the cars in the right lane so he is effectively blocking the left 2 lanes. Thank you! His dossier is being compiled and the usual surveillance is under way. This is going to require some special attention, an actual hat trick. How could we be this lucky. It’s hard to argue the validity of my mission, and several of you continue to try bless your ignorant hearts; remember the eight billion people. Do you really think the world would be a lesser place without these walking advertisements for forced sterilization because I can tell you with all certainty that if they are going to behave like this in a vehicle on a public highway, they behave like this in all aspects of their lives. Do you really want to spend time with them?


Tomorrow, Charlie is going to have an unfortunate accident.

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