Friday May 18

10:25 am

Q&A: “You mentioned in an earlier post that you would define ‘Right’, what did you mean by that?” Thank you, it makes it so much easier to write for you when you give me good questions. You know I can tend to run on but I have a lot to catch you up on so I will try to be succinct in my explanation. My definition of “Right” transcends law, religion, and politics. I’ve always thought about the greater good, how can you positively affect the greatest amount of people. Is it legal to brutally murder someone for driving like a dick? No, of course not. Is it the right thing to do? My personal opinion, I think so. My hope is that someone reading about what could happen to them MAY cause them to take a moment of pause and hopefully, please, move the fuck over and get out of the left lane. Is it right that criminals get off of their crime on a ridiculous technicality and go free to hurt people again? Nope. Is it right that we track them down and make them pay in a manner befitting their dickery? I think absolutely yes. You may disagree but I am sure you won’t mind one less person brake checking you, stopping before making a right turn, and driving under the speed limit while texting or talking on their damn cell phone…. “Right” … Now let me give you another real-world example.

Our buddy Zulu has some rather nefarious friends. One of these friends is supplying Zulu with a deadly little bit of business that he was going to use against his own countrymen in a very horrifying way. All in the name of greed, the quest for more power. What could power possibly give you that could possibly make up for the stain that taking innocent lives has left on you? Don’t even say it, those that have met the Rage were pretty fucking far from innocent. Zulu was ready to indiscriminately kill men, women, and your children to further his own ambitions. Bully. You know the Rage wasn’t going to sit idly by while that was going on.

Since we had Zulu’s undivided attention for the last couple of days, he and the Rage came to an understanding. Zulu would do what the Rage asked and in turn, the Rage might leave parts of Zulu attached…. might being the operative term. It all depends on the results Zulu is able to achieve. The Rage is a bottom line kind of guy and doesn’t like to micromanage. Give someone a goal, get the fuck out of their way, and let them do what they do best to achieve it. Then, judge them on the results. It’s a pretty simple equation to running a successful business or even a country and something that most leaders and small business owners completely fail at. I get it, you built the business with your blood sweat and tears and don’t want anyone to ruin it. Problem is, you can’t move on to the next higher level on your own. I gave Zulu one objective and that was to make an introduction to his friend. Oh, did I mention that said friend isn’t even an American. The Rage is expanding even further worldwide.

The arrangements were made, my team was in place, it was time to dance. The meeting was set for an abandoned warehouse and Zulu was waiting inside, seemingly alone. I had him wired for sound and I also thought it prudent to wire his testicles with high power electrical contacts. I might have tried it a time or 2 while we were waiting for the meeting…who am I kidding the Rage got ahold of the controller and he must have hit him with at least a half dozen zaps. The device works so that is one less concern for us. Headlights…

A nondescript 4 door sedan pulls up outside the warehouse. A few seconds pass and then all 4 doors open and 5 men come out of the vehicle, 4 heavily armed surrounding the fifth. They made their way inside where Zulu was waiting for them, moths to the flame. They got right to business and Zulu wired the agreed upon payment into his friend’s account. I let him do this so I could access the friends account. Within 20 seconds of the transfer, not only the money Zulu transferred, but all of the money in his buddy’s account was rerouted to a place of our choosing.

Here’s the problem with criminal enterprises, you can’t trust anyone. As soon as Zulu transferred the money, his buddy pulled a gun out and shot him in the face. I guess they weren’t that good of friends after all. Before Zulu hit the ground, Dead and Lee returned the favor to the friend’s entourage. 5 bodies now lay on the floor and the buddy is trying to figure out his next move when the Rage and I made our introduction. The friend was not that happy to see us. He turned the gun toward us and in his other hand he held a cell phone and was keying something in. I subtly waived off the boys, I need this guy alive, we still have to find the weapon. He narrowed his eyes at me as a smirk played at the corner of his mouth,

“You have no idea what I can….” That’s when the dart hit him in the neck. I really would have enjoyed hearing the rest of the threat, but we have business to attend to. The gun and cell phone hit the deck. I looked up and nodded at D who was looking a bit like the cat who ate the canary as he was spinning his blow gun around in his hand while hanging upside down from a rope secured to the rafters. Show off! Dead and Lee seemed to enjoy it though, they were laughing and slapping him on the back after they got him down. I picked up the cell phone and realized we had a big problem…

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