Wednesday May 23

2:55 pm

Something happened. Something that is going to fundamentally change what and who I am.

D and I made it back to my lady finally. I really missed Tango too, so before I picked up my love and took her to the surprise I had for her, I stopped by to make sure he was ok. He was pretty ripe and had eaten all the dog food I left for him so I cleaned him up with the power washer. I sure do like that thing, really does a thorough job. Tango was looking a little ruff so I helped him shave…with my belt sander. The Rage’s swords finally arrived and he made sure to give Tango a nice trim too, his hair was getting pretty long. At least in the places the Rage hadn’t already removed with his hand mixer. Tango all taken care of and D watching over him, I headed out to pick her up. I had a nice vacation planned and then she said 2 words to me that changed my life yet again,

“I’m pregnant……”

I don’t know what this means for our project. All I know is that I am the happiest man in the world right now and I am glad I am not on the road where someone can mess up my joy. (I figure I had better start watching my language)

I had never even considered I would have another chance at having a child. After getting to know D and feeling that protective vibe for him, I know without a doubt that I will move heaven and earth to protect my “family”. I need to give this some thought and do what’s best for those that I love. Thank you for hanging in there with me, I have enjoyed sharing with you and I hope our work (so far?) has made a positive difference. I will let you know what my future holds once I figure it out myself.

Until then, stay the F*** out of the left lane!!!

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