Saturday February 3

3:45 pm

The rage always likes to be able to one-up someone, take their idea and make it even better. I let him watch the movie Seven a couple of years back. The serial killer in the movie was killing people to represent each of the seven deadly sins. If you haven’t seen the movie my analogy will be lost on you and if you have seen it, the current occupant of the guest suite will make Sloth look like a day at the beach. I will make him suffer like it’s my job because, quite simply, it is. This is the fucker that took from Simon and then hurt some he cares for, badly. The rage is in fighting form now and we are two days in so far and the rage is making nice progress. We did leave enough of one finger from each hand that our friends at the FBI can use to identify this thing formerly known as the panty snatcher. Good news is that no more panties will be snatched by this biology experiment. No, those days are long gone as are his fingers and his balls. Balls went first with a rusty, dull knife. They did not go gently into that good night. The best part was that the Snatcher was thoughtful enough to leave all of his nice torture tools for the rage, he really appreciates being able to use the guests own implements against them. I am sure Mike and his golf clubs would agree. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a whip so I still need to order one from Amazon for the rage, he is not one to leave a promise unfulfilled. The good news is that there are things here we couldn’t even imagine how to use so we are conducting numerous experiments and I think snatch, as the rage now likes to refer to it, might be experiencing some buyer’s regret with some of these tools.

We left our guest in the suite, he opted for the rage spa package. He is currently undergoing fire ant therapy. It really gets the blood flowing and gives the skin a nice scarlet hue, breathtaking really. Poor old snatch hasn’t slept much since the rage taped his eyelids open 2 days ago. That and he set up a recorder that lets out blood curdling shrieks at random times to make sure he doesn’t doze off, we don’t want him to miss a moment of fun.

I don’t mean to cut my post short today, but I have some studying to do. I got a nice book on neurology and if you pay attention, it will teach you how to manipulate the nerves properly. Some use this teaching to reduce pain. The rage has other ideas. Besides, I have to find some hydrochloric acid for later, not quite making sundaes….

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