Wednesday January 9, 2019

3:15 pm

I know you appreciate when we follow up with some of our past acquaintances to see if they are heeding my warnings or if they have reverted to the behavior that got the Rage’s attention in the first place. I had some time and we were close so I went to check on my little buddy sticky and his tormentor Mikey. Remember Mikey, the little twat that smashed my young buddy’s ice cream all over him? Well, you will be happy to know that Mikey has heeded our warnings and has given up his bullying ways. He did pee his pants when he saw me again, but that’s the price you pay for being a bully. Sticky is doing just fine and is enjoying his ice cream in peace. He mysteriously won free ice cream for a year from his local DQ.

You know who wishes he had some DQ, Benjamin. It might have helped soothe the burns. Well, soothe might be too strong of a word. It’s a moot point anyway, I broke Benjamin. I asked him very nicely for the password to his laptop and he was reluctant. So, I tried a new technique. Fire and ice. Yep, I wasn’t kidding about the gas and a match. Instead of gas though, I found some high proof liquor in the cabinet that Ben was happy to donate to the cause. It smells a lot better than the gas and I don’t mind a nice shot now and again.  

After his initial refusal to divulge the information, I poured some of the expensive liquor on Ben’s right arm. He’s right handed. Then I lit it on fire. I was careful to put the fire out before it totally burned through all the nerves or what would be the point of the dry ice??? I can’t really tell which was more uncomfortable, the volume of the screaming seemed to be at the same level. There is a particular line in Breaking Benjamin’s Evil Angel that I really like so I shared it with Ben several times,

“No, don’t leave me to die here, help me survive here.” Fortunately, he didn’t…….

It took both arms, his lap, which really changed the pitch of the screaming, and I was just about to start on his face when he gave up the goods. Unfortunately for him, I kept seeing visions of my dead wife’s battered body,  my lady in a hospital room, tubes sticking out of her and a huge bandage on her head. I saw my daughter fighting for her life in that incubator. I had one more shot and then I let Ben finish the bottle……

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