Monday January 7, 2019

9:55 pm

I told you we would get back to it so Q&A time. I got a ton of questions asking what happened to Eve. Let’s just say that my young associate has done an extensive investigation and determined that she is worth saving. Interestingly, he also volunteered to “keep an eye on her” to make sure she gets that chance. Come to think about it, I also noticed that D is listening to music a lot more, humming and on occasion, I have heard him singing. It’s in those moments that I realize we don’t actually share any DNA because the boy has skills. His singing would definitely not do for a Rage terror technique.

I segue into singing because we are going to break Benjamin and he is going to sing for us. Benjamin runs a very clandestine organization tasked with eliminating threats to the country. The problem is, who makes those decisions? Benjamin has been taking that task on his own shoulders and making them as he sees fit, regardless of its effect on national security. His problem with me is that I know where, and how, some of those problems got solved. This is the guy that set Tango on me in the first place and just like Tango, he thought he had succeeded.

Other than that mistake, he doesn’t make many. He keeps all of his records out of any other databases so there is no opening there. The one thing he couldn’t hide was that he was an employee of the government, which means he is getting paid. They don’t exactly issue paychecks to these type of people, but they route the payments through a maze of shell companies. Benjamin takes it one step further, he takes his ultimate payment in prepaid credit cards. Just like prepaid cell phones, no ID required. No trail either. Almost…

I found several receipts for the same restaurant, and after borrowing their security cameras, I found him. And a lovely lady who should have exercised better male selection criteria. Once I had my sights on her, we found out that she lives not too far from said establishment. This is our opening. Benjamin travels with bodyguards and lives and works in the equivalent of a fortress, but when he is visiting the young lady’s residence, his guards wait in the limo outside. She has her own security system protecting inside the house so Benny feels all warm and cozy when he is there. Speaking of warm and cozy, do you remember the can of gas and the match…

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